Rainy walk!

This morning’s hike was somewhat of a cluster!  But it was beautiful once I got to the top!  I decided to skip the hike up behind my house and trek up the hill across from work in order to take a few pictures for our Facebook page.  The sky was gray (somber even) but no rain yet and so after a quick peek at weather.com I decided to give it a go. 

Throwing together the usual: Work clothes, lunch, make-up, camera I headed out the door to drop my son off at the in-laws for the day.  Half way to the family farm it started to rain but I was determined.  No rain was going to stop me! 

By the time I made it back to the hill it was POURING.  Still, I’m not made of clay! I won’t melt.  So I reached for my hiking boots…don’t tell me! I didn’t pack my boots? Damn.  I looked out the car window at the rain, looked down at my watch and then over at work.  I would be 45 minutes early if I went in now.  No way!  I grabbed my camera and headed out anyway.  I figured I’d walk a little way in my black flipflops…what the hell.  The trees are dense and should give me good cover.

As I headed up the hill I thought about how nice the rain sounded on the leaves and the flipflops actually provided a good work out for the calves.  I wrapped my camera in my shirt to keep it dry and kept on plodding. I’m currently reading “Not Without Peril” about people having close calls or dying on Mount Washington.  Obviously I haven’t read enough of them because I kept thinking, “gee, perhaps I should turn around” but kept going as the rain got harder and my footing got worse.  After all, this isn’t a 6,000+ foot mountain!  It’s a bloody hill! 

All was well, I made it to the “summit” without issue, took my pictures and headed back down.  Here I decided to go “sans sandals” and make my way down barefoot.  Now the rain seemed a bit louder, a bit less soothing as I felt the rocks dig into my feet, the mud squelch between my toes.  But, at least I did it!

I could have hiked up behind my house earlier and had a nice, dry walk, but then what would I have written about?

Hello world!

Good morning world! After a sleepless night of tossing and turning and THINKING non-stop of setting up my blog, I’ve arrived!  All the hiking I’m doing (roughly 2 hours a day) makes my head and soul full to bursting of “stuff” aching to get down on paper–virtual or otherwise. 

And of course, now that I’m here, I’m blank!  But now it’s all here and ready for the flow!