I Sail

This is a short piece I did several years ago.  It was published in the Granite State collection of works in 2004 and I always liked it.  I hope you do to!

I Sail

Surfing the seas of youth I was always curious.  Happy to frolic in the green grass that surrounded my life, I found adventure around every pine tree, loved the simple beauty of the clouds and the fresh, clean smell of drying hay.  I wandered down the roads of childhood singing songs such as “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and “Country Roads”.  Oak trees loomed mysteriously into the tranquil blue skies and I wondered how birds knew how to fly.

            Soon, however, the seas became rough and the days dark.  Clouds were now gray and the rumble of thunder filled my ears where once birds sang.  I forgot to smell the hay or to taste the fresh air in my lungs.  I longed to be somewhere else, no matter where I was.  I trusted no one but needed everyone.  I was always looking, always trying to fill the void that had ripped away pieces of my soul.  But no matter how much I searched, I roughed the quells alone, frightened and sad. 

Bashing against rocks and cliffs, barely avoiding whirlpools that longed to suck me in and destroy me, I finally reached out and found my way to shore.  As I stepped on dry land I kissed the dusty road and marched on, my head held high, my spirit soaring above me like the birds of my youth.  Now I knew how they learned to fly. 

With strong wings I turned back to the open vastness of the blue waters in front of me.  There was so much still waiting, calling me forward.  My soul opened up and I embraced the calming ebb of life as it enveloped me once again.

My journey has been rough but the adventure is only just beginning. This time the ride is smooth, my sails full of easterly winds.  I’ve reached new lands and met new peoples and as I set my sights on the horizon, I welcome the unknown islands and the strange cultures I’ll find.   Surrounded by a trusted crew and captain of my own destiny, I sail.

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