Spring Mud

There is something special about spring mud. Maybe it’s the fact that it hasn’t had another human foot on it for months; perhaps it’s just the connection I make with earth when my foot sinks deep into its surface. Either way, I love the way it feels beneath my feet when I’m out for those early morning walks!

As I look around the snow is almost gone but it’s still making its presence known. While not quite ready to leave the world yet, the earth is stretching out around it, allowing the sun to melt more and more each day. The earth is making a return to rule for the majority of the coming year. Still frozen in spots, the ground teases me as I set foot in one safe place only to be sucked in on the next. Soon it will require muck boots to maneuver through the trails, but for now it’s not quite so uninviting!

While most people look back and take stock of the previous year on January 1st, I wait until this first spring walk in the woods. Stone walls, built over a hundred years ago, sit patiently while the snow gives way around them. While so much may have changed in my life since the previous spring, nothing has changed in theirs. They sit, unaffected by time and weather. To them, this is just another season in a never-ending world. To me it’s an opportunity to thank God I’m still here to enjoy it!

Newest project

FOUL WATER is my newest venture!  It’s a novel surrounding the sinking of the Princess Alice paddle boat in 1878.  With over 800 passengers out for a leisurely adventure to the seaside via the Thames, it was struck by a very large steamship, Bywell Castle. Over 650 people died that night in the foul water of the Thames. 

It’s a heartrending  tale that must be told.  After all, have YOU ever heard of it?