Living in the Past

So, they say if you live in the past, it limits your future.  Well, the little tab on my Yogi Tea said that anyway.  Of course, it depends on WHOSE past you’re living in!  I dwell far in the past but I find it only enhances my life in so many ways.  On days my hair doesn’t come out quite as hoped, I throw it back in a ponytail, shrug, and feel lucky I don’t have heat up irons on the fire for that added curl or have to shave it off due to lice!  There is always a bright side right?

Despite how we all believe our world is going to crap, we still have it damned good compared to our ancestors.  Don’t believe me?  Read “How the Other Half Lived” sometime.  It’s complete with pictures.  Three or four families snuggled up in a one room flat…barely enough food to get buy. Organic?  FRESH of any sort would have been nice! 

But we HAVE come a long way and we have longer lives because of it.  Make sure you appreciate that fact–get out, enjoy your life each and every day.  Don’t be too busy or too proud to let the people you love know it.  Friends are precious and few.  Keep them close!

….Even if they’re from the past!

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