New View

Don’t worry–you’re in the right place.  I’ve just shaken things up a bit and changed it all around. New view, new colors, same old author!  I hate being stagnant.

The header is from Wells Beach, Maine and I took it last weekend on a whirl-wind trip to celebrate my girlfriend/neighbor/hiking-buddy, Erin’s birthday!  What a beautiful morning it was!  Sometimes I forget the ocean is so close!  The smell, the feel of the wet sand beneath my toes, the pain in my back from hours of searching for treasures on the shore…ah, nothing like a day on the beach!  We didn’t get to enjoy much time on the beach this past visit, but it’s making me hunger for a return trip…

When we visited Ireland in 2007, we spent hours on a stretch of beach called the “Inch Strand”.  It was incredible.  To see sheep grazing right up to the ocean water was amazing.  The deep blue sea, the vibrant green grass, the snow white of new-born lamb’s wool…stunning.  Perhaps those images are why my main character (SHARDS) is a born landscape artist.  I envy the ability to put something so precious on canvas for those who cannot visit the scene themselves.  All before the invention of 35mm.

Sometime, when you have a moment or two, google search some landscapes from the Victorian artists.  Bloody brilliant!

Sidney Richard Percy (1821 - 1886)


Someday…someday I’ll make it there. Snowdonia, Wales

One thought on “New View

  1. Erin Hall says:

    Ahhh yes, another long weekend where we can spend lots of time meandering the beach and finding what treasures lie below our feet!

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