I saw a salamander today…the tiny, bright orange body resting in the trail. It’s the first one of the year for me, which is strange. But I took a different trail this morning and I’m wondering if it’s because my normal trail was torn up so much last fall (by the snowmobile club…gee, thanks).

I really, really wish I had found cross-country in high school. I did one year of track and it was enough for me. The two-miler was what I was slated for; I sucked. But I wonder if running through the woods would have been different. I love it now and I suppose that’s all that matters. The ground beneath my feet, the breeze on my skin, the blue sky and green leaves surrounding me. There is nothing like it! Today was my favorite combination of blue sky and leftover rain drops slipping down off the leaves. Rain and clear sky…the canopy of life above my head. Sure, it’s not the rain forest, but it’s just as precious to me! I couldn’t run on a treadmill or on the road with the same enjoyment.

This trail is one I rarely take, and I’m not sure why. The road is smooth and wide as it was a town road up until a few decades ago. There is only one broken-down house on the far end, but overgrown driveways remind you it was once rather populous. For Springfield that is. The first leg of the journey is easy—all downhill. Perfect for a run. The way back, well, I’m not to the running UP stage yet, but the hike is amazing and kick-ass.

I think I’ll have to give it a bit more attention.

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