There was a time I made excuses not to go for a hike: too cold, too hot, raining, snowing, bugs, mud, I’m tired, I’m lazy…it went on and on.  Not that I made excuses every time, just often enough to make them seem legit.  But tonight I realized that now I make excuses to hike.  On Saturday I was stressed from all the traffic–and noise–of bike week on my way to Fryeburg.  Of course I needed a hike!  Tonight I needed to go out because it’s the solstice.  Besides, it’s Monday.  One should always start the week off right. I have a new tracking program–I should really see how many trips I can rack up.  Bugs? I need to see if this new clip on bug replent really works (yes).  Raining?  It’ll keep the bugs away and it sounds really cool on the leaves.  Hot? It’s cooler in the woods.  Cold? I never get to wear that sweater enough anyway…and they just keep coming! 

What a difference a state of mind can make… 

Someone once told me it’s all due to Karma.  Damn! I’m gonna get it right this time so that next time…next time…

Get out there and enjoy life.  You only have one shot (you won’t remember this one on the next go-round) so MAKE IT COUNT

Solstice sunset

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