Role models aren’t just OTHER people

This first week of ‘training’ for Mt. Washington has been a busy one!

Monday-hiking up back. 

Tuesday-kayaking on Grafton Pond.

Wednesday-hiking up to Cole Pond. 

Tonight-hiking up back to the powerlines

The best part of all of this ‘training’ is the time I’m spending with my kids. We’re having a great time and they have less time in front of the television, computer or even just vegging on the couch.  My daughter has decided she wants to start ‘running’ up back now…after only three evenings of being outside and active.  It just goes to show it doesn’t take long for a habit to take hold.  You can get in the habit of sitting down and doing nothing, or you can get in the habit of going out  hiking, running, kayaking, or even strolling.  It’s up to us to decide on the healthy habits!  And, of course, pass them on to our kids! 

I won’t lie.  I’d much rather go home tonight and fall in the chair.  I’ve had one hell of a hectic week at work and have been going in early, staying a bit late and still not getting it all done.  I’d much rather relax and veg, but I know my hike last night made my stress headache disappear.  Much better than any medication I’ve been taking!  Besides, my kids can really use the air…a few more days, weeks or months of kicking them out and getting them involved in nature, and they might just do it on their own! 

This weekend’s plans include a trip up Cardigan Mountain, a lazy day on the White River in Vermont, and a BBQ… sleep?  Optional!

2 thoughts on “Role models aren’t just OTHER people

  1. EJ says:

    Wow, Julie! Sounds like you’re having a busy summer to say the least. (Glad to hear I’m not the only one.) When are you all planning to tackle Washington?

    It’s very true that the patterns you set for your children are most likely the ones they’ll be following for the rest of their lives.

    1. Julie Orrok Slack says:

      Hi Jon! Yes, it’s busy…but in a good way 😉 Of course, that DOES mean my writing has been gathering dust. Poor Sid. Poor Tommy! but they are resting for me! We are doing Washington in September! You should come on up and join us 😉 Just a little jaunt!

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