HHH…and big hair

It’s only Thursday, but it’s been a killer week.  Temps over 90 almost everyday this week has put a real crimp in my hiking ambitions–not to mention the poof it’s given my already full-bodied hair!  Friday I think everyone at work asked me what I’d done to it…nothing really.  That’s the problem!

But, pull it back in a ponytail and away I go.  This week has been a shambles really.  Monday [holiday for the 4th] was spent grocery shopping, cleaning my mom’s house, installing her air-conditioner and the general run-around fun.  Tuesday I did get out and get some kayaking it, so that wasn’t a bust, but yesterday I was back out shopping, this time for tank tops for hubby so he could be a bit cooler at work.  Next thing I knew it was 8:45, no dinner eaten, and the air still as hot and stiffling as at 6.  I did take the high road and get Subway instead of McDonalds, however I’m not sure that was really better…a large ham and turkey sub versus a small grilled chicken sandwich?  Oh well.  At least it had all the veggies.

This morning I struck out on my first morning hike in ages.  It was one of the hardest hikes I’ve done so far.  It’s my regular route but DAMN was it hot out there! I drank water the whole time but my energy was zapped by the time I turned around and headed back home, I was wiped.  I grabbed the luna bar I keep in my pack but still no energy.  And now I feel like I could crawl in a corner and sleep for hours! No such luck.

But, managed 2.6 miles today and 2.3 miles on Tuesday.  Have a lot of miles to make up for my 20 mile/week goal…that’s almost 4 miles a day through Sunday–if I go out again tonight. Perhaps…

Kayaking Grafton Pond- 4 miles tonight

Cole Pond-2 miles on Friday (or maybe another long Kayak with hubby…that was great!)

Bicknell – 5 miles on Saturday

Back 40 – 5 miles  on Sunday

Yeah, that should do it!  So, perhaps this week wasn’t a total wash after all!

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