It never dawned on me to join a hiking GROUP. I often whine that I can’t do the ‘biggie’ hikes because I don’t have anyone to do them with. And while it’s all well and good to strike off on a 6 mile hike behind the house, I’m a bit more anxious about doing it in the Whites or even on Cardigan.

But I ventured onto the AMC website today and realized they have group hikes just for people like ME! Chocorua, Garfield, Washington…trips to them all! And let’s not forget the kayaking trips too! I’m even thinking that learning the art of rock climbing might not be out of the question…

All this for $40/year. Where can you get more for so little? Health, companionship, beautiful views and damn good memories! Ah, the possibilities are limitless!

One excuse GONE!

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