Sims3 and Life

I’m totally addicted to the computer game SIMS3 right now. I’ve been beating myself up for sitting there, night after night, playing this stupid computer game instead of…writing, knitting, reading, cleaning, you name it! BUT, last night as I was playing, I realized how true-to-life this silly game is. These characters that we create have a Lifetime goal based on their traits. For example, my Sim is diligent, artistic, athletic, friendly and a genius (yeah, I know…just like me!:p) Her lifetime goal is to be a visionary. So, she needs to master the painting skill and the photography skill. Simple enough. But damn! That’s daunting! Along the way they have small wishes that constantly pop up: to learn the painting skill (500 points), to take a class in painting (500 points), to sell one painting worth $50 (300 points), buy a camera (300 points), take a picture (150 points), read a logic book, learn a new recipe, call a friend…all these simple, small wishes that you can choose to have your Sim fulfill (or not without a stitch of guilt). HOW? by doing something to make those small wishes come true. Click on the easel, she paints. When she paints enough she learns a new skill and BOOM, 500 points. Read a logic book. Buy a logic book, click on it and she reads it. She sits down on the couch and DOES it. huh. Amazing how that happens. I can make HER do it, but I don’t make myself do it!! (of course HER Sim boyfriend took her to France and married her under a tree before serenading her with his guitar. Yeah, he’s MINE!)

So, there’s the background. Wishes and Life points. This morning I sat down at the computer and created my "Life in Progress" list. Everything I want to do, big or small: Publish a book (5000 points), climb (10) mountains over 2500ft (500 each), climb (6) 4000fters (1000 points each), wear out my hiking boots (500 points), run 5 miles 2 days a week for a month (500 points), lose 5 pounds by Christmas (300 points)… you get the picture. I’m able to breakdown my life into small wishes to fulfill that will make me enjoy myself a bit more and accomplish what I want in life. I don’t have timeframes on ANY of them (except the 5 pound marks). This is my LIFE IN PROGRESS, not a time line. I want to remind myself I have all my life to fulfill my ultimate dreams (Be a famous published author, see France, hike the Lake Tahoe Rim, the Appalachian Trail, etc.) but all these small wishes along the way are DOABLE! I’m focusing on one wish at a time (or actually, several small ones) and each time I accomplish one, I give myself points. When I hit 5000 points I get a reward (nails done, new sweater, something simple) OR I can bank them and when I hit 10,000 points I can get something BIG like a weekend away or something.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if we take life in smaller steps, it’s a lot easier. Cut out sugar for a week (500 points), walk twice a week for a month (1000 points), lose one pant size by Christmas (500 points), cook without fat for three meals a week for a month (500 points), sit and read a book for enjoyment at least 30 minutes twice a week (1000 points)… get the idea? Things that help you become healthier and less stressed over time. Look at all the short term goals to keep your motivation, with a bigger long term goal to reach (before you realize you have!!).

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