Juggling the season

This time of year is always stressful for me: knitting for the holidays, knitting for craft fairs, trying to finish my novel (which I started 2 years ago this month…), listing my used books on Amazon for sale, exercising, cooking healthy…all the things that demand my attention even before the job, the kids and the messy house. Is it any wonder I’ve had a headache since September?

It’s so hard to determine what is more important when it’s all so, well, important! In the long run, it’s best to exercise every morning. In the short run I’m on a time crunch with knitting. It could be fast cash for the holidays as well as filling up the gift list for family. There’s getting all those books listed for sale before the holidays—they can’t sell if they aren’t listed! But then there’s my novel. That could be good hard cash if I can wrap up the damned thing and get an agent to pick it up. It’s the old saying, “so much to do, so little time”.

So, each day my priorities change and something new gets focused on for a little while. I try and write every morning to keep the habit, but there are some days that scream for getting out for a walk. It’s funny, all summer I can get lost in the long days, fit everything in and never feel a stitch of stress. October 1st rolls around and all hell breaks loose! Why do I do this to myself year after year? Well, what would I do with myself if I didn’t??

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