A Positive Note

It doesn’t take much for a person to decide they aren’t cut out for writing. It can be a bad critique, a bout of writer’s block, a story line gone amiss. You can sculpt what you consider a masterpiece only to have the fanciful mystery you banged out holding much more sway with the masses (the world isn’t ready for the masterpiece yet).

But on the other hand, it only takes one positive review to help you push through those agonizing scenes you struggle with. One person telling you “THIS is it! Your pace is good, you drag the reader in, your language is great…” Not a line by line critique, but just the perfect nudge. It’s up to YOU to keep honing that craft and get it out there. Writing is like sports; if you don’t practice you’ll never be any good.

So, I’ll keep dreaming up new scenes, new story lines and a new (old) world for my characters to live. Most importantly, I’ll keep writing. It would be much too easy to stop after all…

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