Hey! It’s you again!

It could be a meeting on the street, or at a party or a lecture, or just a simple, banal introduction, then suddenly there is  the flash of recognition and the embers of kinship glow.  There is an awakening between you, a sense of ancient knowing.  Love opens the door of ancient recognition.  You enter.  You come home to each other at last. As Euripides said, “Two friends, one soul.”   ~ John O’Donohue, “Anam Cara”

I’ve  believed in reincarnation since I was a small girl and am always drawn to karma and the concept of deja vu.  Father John O’Donohue’s book, Anam Cara has long been a favorite of mine.  Father O’Donohue explains Anam Cara, or soul friends, and how we are meant to meet certain souls in our lives.  He practices Celtic Christianity, a rich blend of Celtic traditions and early, pure Christianity untouched by Rome. While he considers Anam Cara pieces of the same primal clay, I prefer the Tibetan Buddhist belief that we meet the same people over and over each lifetime.  No matter their origin,  Anam Cara help you grow along your path in life, offering just what you need.  Acceptance. Love. Humor. Challenge. They can be a role model, a confidant, a teacher, a friend.  Each person/soul brings you something special to complete your journey through this lifetime.

ONE person (your soul mate) is not enough to make you whole. Not in the true sense of the word.  As you find each special person  you are pieced together like a puzzle.  You know it when you meet them:  the one you instantly click with, the one  you never forgot, the one you can’t imagine your life without, the one that comes in and out of your life  yet you can pick up right where you left off, finishing each other’s sentences or thoughts.  Despite the passing years, despite the growth you’ve both experienced, your relationship is natural, not forced or fake.   These people are real and so are the connections.

I’ve often consider myself a loner and wondered if I’d be friendless and alone someday.  But I’m not a loner.   I’m blessed with such great friendships, true, deep friendships that are so rich!  I’m very happy having lunch or dinner with one of the few, true friends I cherish. Much like a good piece of chocolate,  it’s all about quality over quantity and I’d much rather have a handful of amazing people in my life than a room full of acquaintances.  The people in my life are true friends; people I feel comfortable with, feel at peace with.  We can actually  spend time NOT talking.  We can sip a glass of wine (or beer, or tea) and just enjoy the silence and the beauty of life.  There is something to be said for what’s never said.

Think about the people in your life and those friends you keep close.  What does each one bring to your life or, more importantly, what do you bring to theirs?  Remember, you are in their life for a reason too!

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