22 degrees requires more layers…

I have been aching to wear my new Kuhl hiking pants since unwrapping them Christmas morning!  I paired them with my new CuddleDuds and headed out.  It was cold; 22 degrees to be exact.  I had plenty of layers on the upper body: tank top, Columbia base layer, polarfleece 1/4 zip, Columbia jacket.  I had gloves, a hat and a cowl.  But the thin hiking pants, as comfortable as they are, need a lot more beneath them.  I didn’t really notice until I jumped into a hot shower.  Um, ouch.

It’s my own fault.  I didn’t want the winter pants, feeling it would limit their use.  Why do I so quickly forget how freakin’ cold it gets in New Hampshire?  I’ll have to team them up with my Zoot runner tights with the insulation and they’ll make a perfect combination.

Despite my miscalculations on the weather, I DO love these new hiking pants.  They are the most comfortable pair of pants I think I’ve ever worn!  They are Kuhl Softshell Cargo pants in Charcoal and if they had more colors I’d buy them all!  There are plenty of zippered pockets and have plenty of stretch. While the fit is a bit snug right now (curse those 7 pounds!), they never bind or pinch.  I can see that they will be my favorite pants for the coming hiking season–and for work too!

Now that Mother Nature has reminded me that you can freeze your A*^ off here in NH, I’ll be adding another layer but I won’t give up these pants!

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