Clean Cooking…on all levels

I am a messy cook.  Not only does my stove look like the blitz when I’m finished, my entire kitchen does.  Mostly because I don’t pick up and clean up as I go, but also because I hate doing dishes!  My husband jokes (because he isn’t a complainer) that he knows when I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because the peanut butter is still out and the jelly is all over the counter.  Yeah, I’m not the greatest at cleaning up after myself.

But this weekend as I spent those lovely hours cooking clean food to eat, it somehow inspired me to cook CLEAN too.  I took the time to clean up, wash my pots, pans, chopping boards and knives after one dish before moving on to another.  Even if they incorporated all the same ingredients mingled in different ways.  It felt good to finish cooking and not have a sink full of dishes to contend with.  I think my husband was happy too 😉

So, I guess this is another goal I’m trying to work on this year; Cook Clean…AND clean when I cook!

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