Another Sunday

Sundays come and go whether you do something with them or not.  Well, everyday does doesn’t it?

I spent another day in the kitchen.  Not a full 4 hours this time and I didn’t make as many dishes.  I stuck with what I already knew were hits and added Clean Marinara sauce as well.

I prepared:

Greek Salad–I made it without the feta so Beth would eat it…Kevin will add it when he takes it

Three Bean Salad

Clean Marinara

Split pea soup without the chicken this time–this soup is SO good I had to make it for lunches again this week!

Jump start granola– and it is AMAZING 🙂  Beth didn’t want dried fruit so I’ll just add my own. But the flavor of this batch is even better than last week!

Clean lasagna using the marinara.  Okay, this was 75% clean.  I had to calm the audience with 1/2 regular noodles.  I did add vegetables, including spinach, and that was a big hit.

I already had plenty of the cranberry sauce that I use in my 10 grain hot cereal and Chobani plain non-fat yogurt.

The two items I’ve decided are the most important in my kitchen are my Pampered Chef chopping knife and my chopping board.  I have several of the flimsy type that I can fold and pour my vegetables into the pan.  I am lost without those two things!!

I kept up the “clean as you go” rule and it just makes me feel good to not leave a sink full of dishes!  I had to let the lasagna pan soak overnight but washed it up this morning and all is well in the kitchen again!

I also decided to try the Zumba class at my yoga studio yesterday. It was fun! I’m not sure I’ll do it on a regular basis, but it was a nice change.  It reminds me a lot of the jazzercise classes I used to take in the nineties after the kids were born.  I like to dance,  so we’ll see if I keep it up.  I might have to find a different class as leaving at 2:20 on a Sunday is a bit inconvenient, but with yoga Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, dinner with Mom on Tuesdays…well, the week flies by!

Looking back on the week I didn’t do as bad as I thought on exercise.  A hike on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday and Saturday and Zumba on Sunday.  This morning I’m heading upstairs to the elliptical, then yoga tonight.  It’s all coming together; slowly but surely!

Here’s to another clean week!  Cheers!

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