Time and Health. Priceless.

Everyone says it’s more expensive and takes more time to eat healthy.  I look at it this way:

1. We save money by making our lunches.  The kid’s lunches were costing us $35 a week! And that consisted of pizza for my son and mozzarella sticks for my daughter.  They also ate the occasional breakfast sandwich in the morning but now I make them eggs each morning–and they love it!  Yes, it takes time to make the wraps and to make the breakfast, but what would we be doing anyway? Sitting in front of the tv or catching up on twitter?  We all have the same amount of time during the day. It’s how we prioritize it that makes the difference.  Everyone has a few minutes to spare. I found getting up 1/2 hour earlier and not even checking my phone until everything is done was the key.  Not only do I get lunches and breakfast done, I feel more energized as well!  

As far as cooking healthy meals for dinner, it’s not faster to throw a frozen pizza or frozen chicken in the oven than it is to cook a fresh, healthy meal.  I can make couscous and Portabella mushroom pizzas in less than 15 minutes.  5 minute prep, 10 minute cook time and the meal is done.  And what is faster than grabbing a banana or apple for snack?  Sure, it takes some time to make three bean salad or chopped greek salad to have ready for the week, but again, what would you be doing with the time if you weren’t doing that?  Staring into the refrigerator trying to figure out what to eat?  Give prep time priority and you won’t be sorry!


2. We stay out of the doctor’s office. We’re lucky enough to be healthy and we only have to visit the doctor once a year for physicals. We don’t lose money by having to take time off from work AND it saves the co-pay!

3.  Time off!  All our earned time off is spent enjoying ourselves as we’re rarely sick enough to call in!  While almost everyone in my office took at least one day off with the recent flu, I somehow missed it.  Of course I also kept my distance!  I’ll admit, the one thing that gets me are migraines but even those have become less bothersome in the past few months. Perhaps I’m eating fewer triggers. More time for fun…priceless!  When we have a day off we enjoy it, reducing stress as well.  Double win!

4.  Are expanding our lifetimes.  Who doesn’t want to live longer?  By staying away from the things that can trigger diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and countless other issues, we stand a much better chance of living a long, full life.  Adult onset diabetes is rampant in this country and it’s the most preventable disease! I had diabetes when I was pregnant with my daughter and my grandfather (who was NOT heavy in the slightest) had it as well.  My chances of getting it are close to 75%. Believe me, it’s not fun being told you will have diabetes at some point. I’m staving it off as long as I possibly can!  Why wouldn’t I take all the precautions to not end up with it?  Eat right, keep a healthy lifestyle with exercise and keep the weight off.  It can be that simple!!  Last year I was prediabetic and they told me  all I had to do was lose weight and exercise.  It was a no brainer.  Chocolate cake versus years of ill health. It helps making the choice a lot easier!  This year my sugar was down enough to remove the risk!  For now.  All I can do is take control! 

So, while my grocery budget has basically doubled in the past few weeks as I stock up on the basics for my pantry, I will ultimately spend less later.  I think that’s a good investment if I do say so! 

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