New goals, old inspiration

I’m finishing up my forth full week of eating clean and I’m down 1.5 pounds!  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve never been one to drop 5 pounds in one month nevermind one week, so I’m happy!  When I was hiking 20 miles a week and eating clean (a year and a half ago) I was averaging 1/4 pound a week; I’m already ahead of the game!

Getting the portions and ratios right has been this week’s focus and I feel like I’m finally getting there.  I was still eating too many carbs (even if they were all good ones) and once I cut back I’ve seen the weight come off.  Some people may enjoy ice cream or chocolate as comfort foods…I love a good slice of toast with butter!  

I’m surprised that I haven’t had any urges to eat sweets, but I suppose eliminating sugar as helped.  They say once you eat a bite of something with sugar you crave more and more.  I’m just glad I’ve been able to walk away from all the temptations.

I’m also back to hiking each morning weather permitting–ice and rain this morning keeps me inside but I’ll do the elliptical or treadmill tonight instead.   This weekend is going to be nice so I plan on a good, long hike of at least 1 1/2 hours.  Due to the lack of snow (I’m in NH…what is up with no snow???) I can’t go snowshoeing like I love to do.  I was hoping to head out on the local lake and do the perimeter like I did last year…I’ll have to wait for a while.  But, I can head out easier on the trails.  And the dogs can use the exercise too…my pug is getting chunky! I’ll be doing Mt. Washington in July so a goal to shoot towards!  I love goals with substance and DATES.  Having count-downs to events helps me keep focused on the outcome and I work harder.  Who doesn’t I suppose? 

Sheryl Crow
She is my inspiration. Look at those pipes! I already have the curl...

My second tangible goal is that I’ll be making a trip to Atlanta in August so I want my arms looking good in tanks and sleeveless dresses!!   I have to add weight training but I’m at a loss on how to approach it.  I have plenty of weights and I know what to do…BUT I never seem to stick to it.  I have a pilates DVD that incorporates weights but I know I need more. I can carry weights when I walk too. I know that helps, but I need to just go down and use the damned weight bench like a big girl! 🙂  I need to stick that picture of the incredibly fit Sheryl Crow back on my phone as a screen saver and post it all over everywhere so I can remember what I want to look like!  After all, who doesn’t want to look like Sheryl Crow?  

Another of my battles has been finding good protein sources that I enjoy.  I found egg beaters 100% natural egg whites and I love them in the morning in addition to my oatmeal.  Cottage cheese is becoming a staple too.  I am not vegetarian but I don’t always want meat in my meals so finding other ideas has been great.  Replacing nuts with the others has helped the weight come down too.  As good as they are, they are calorie rich!

I’m also glad to see I’m almost caught up on stocking my pantry with all the right foods. The past month has cost me a small fortune on groceries but I’m finally to the point where I only have a few things I need to pick up this week.  A nice balsamic (I’m using it all the time now for dressing with a bit of flaxseed oil) and some more honey.  Now it’s just the basic fresh produce and stuff for lunches (my family hunts and we have a freezer full of venison) and I’m pretty much good to go!  Now the ease and fun of eating clean begins anew!!

Get out and enjoy life.  It’s what you make of it so make it count.  


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