As Promised…my Personal Mission Statement

I worked and reworked it…but I think it states who I am and who I wish to become.  I highly recommend doing your own and I’m making it a requirement for my children before they’re allowed to leave the roost 😉

I aim to nurture my mind, soul and heart with ageless wisdom; I want to pass my knowledge on to future generations, reminding people of the fragility of humanity across time and that we are all connected.  I wish to never do harm to animal or human.  I never want to stop learning, growing and evolving into the absolute best person I can be.  Through actions as well as words, I aim to always be a good role model for my children and all who touch my life; a positive influence always.  I wish to ultimately become a Sage, a wise, gentle soul who passes knowledge on to all who listen. To surround myself with those who help me create positive growth and distance myself (guiltlessly) from those who wish to hold me back.  I aim to never hold hate in my heart, but to replace the negative with empathy, kindness and acceptance.  I wish to have a beautiful soul to take into the next life.

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