The Hutsman

“Day 48

We watched the sunrise from our beds–indescribable as the light slowly filled the canyon from east to west.  As we started to move, what was probably a snake crawled off us, attracted by the heat of our bodies.  Needless to say we didn’t check to find out.  After a short time we looked and whatever it was had left us.  We ate our breakfast of pancakes, which nearly took all of our water.  Four miles to the summit!”

This is a journal entry by Jack Orrok, my grandfather, in 1925 as he traveled across America on foot.  He took a ride if available; he wasn’t stupid!  He is the inspiration for a lot of the things I do in my life, especially hiking and loving the outdoors.  He is the reason this blog is called “Shoulders of Giants” because without his shoulders to climb on, I’d never be who I am today.  Never forget your ancestors!