Who Says Eating Clean isn’t Yummy?

So far this week I’ve made:

I’ve given * (stars) out of 5 for the ones I’ve eaten so far!

From Eat-Clean Cookbook #1:

Greek Salad                              p. 234     ***  I used a bit too much feta, but good. I made this mostly  for Kevin-he loves feta!

Wheatberry Salad                      p. 102     **** Can’t wait for the flavors to blend more! Yum!

Split Pea soup                           p.  67       *****  (And Bethany loved it too…my pea soup kid!)

From Eat-Clean Cookbook #2:

French Onion Soup                    p.  82    ***  This is good but nothing special

Three bean salad                         p. 112  ****  Next time I’ll put more dressing

Italian Chicken sausage w.pep    p. 143  ****  Loved these. Like the italian sausages better than the Buffalo Chicken ones we tried.   We love sausage subs with Brats so these were a great alternative.

Pesto Stuffed Portabello pizzas   p. 172  ****** Yes, six out of five stars!  These are a staple now!

Baked Chicken Tenders               p. 225            I made a triple batch of the breading so far

Jump Start Granola                      p.   12   *****  Even Bethany said it’s delicious!  Perfect for yogurt

I focused on lunch stuff and cold veggie and bean salads so I can have a full protein & complex carb meal fast.  I can put a cup in small containers and get all my meals and snacks in easily. I also boiled a lot of eggs (she suggests 3:1  three egg whites to each yolk you eat) for snacks too.  Now all I really need to do for nightly meals is add lean protein like chicken, pork or venison.  I bought some sweet potatoes to bake too. There are still a lot of recipes that look amazing!