First Kiss…

Sitting down to a mockingly empty sheet, I’ve spent all morning trying to describe what my characters are going through as they lock eyes, ready for the ultimate moment…that first kiss. But it’s hard to write about a first kiss when it’s be sooooo damn long since you’ve had one! And we’re talking the first kiss with someone you really, really, really like—not just your first kiss. Specifically, that one kiss when you’re a teen that blows your socks off!

I remember it… how can you forget? I just find it really hard to write about! What a time of seemingly infinite bliss! The whole world is ahead of you and nothing matters except that person you’re with right then and there. Life hasn’t knocked you down and tramped your heart yet. You’re optimistic! You’re sure you’re in love! You can’t believe life can be THIS good!

Of course, it rarely IS that good ever again but it’s the ideal we strive for, the archetype that holds all other kisses in judgment. How do you put all of that into words?

Perhaps the fact that it was fleeting…that it didn’t last years and years is what makes it so amazing still. Perhaps so many unknowns bouncing around make it stand out after all these years. Oh, what could have been! It wasn’t played out long enough, leaving the rest to imagination…and fodder for novels!

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